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Rarecation 13: From Germany to Swiss

On our way from Germany to Switzerland, we were super excited and so impressed to see the beautiful view of the Canola field which was absolutely wonderful.

Then we decided to take a break and stop for a while at a nearby village. 4 Motorhomes and a van entered the village and parked at a small lane which was next to a thousand bunches of Canola. There were also a few houses nearby. We took this amazing chance to take pictures with the beautiful bunches of Canola and enjoyed ourselves with the wonderfulness of the Canola. We also went through the big compilation of the Canola but we tried to not get too hard on it because we wouldn’t want anything to happen to the flowers. Or else we might as well get attacked by the owner.

As we were busy enjoying ourselves, suddenly the owner of the house approached us. The first thing that crossed my mind was he really looks like Triple-H from WWE Wrestling. His face was almost the same as the wrestler. His blonde hair was tied and his arms were tattooed and he was wearing a white shirt. But then again, his body was not as tough as Triple-H though.

As soon as he’s getting nearer, all my friends rushed into their cars. I was about to do the same thing either. Unfortunately, that ‘Triple-H’ uncle was standing right in front of my car which made me felt so wrong if I just rushed into my car without even saying anything. So, will all the courage I have, I decided to say hello to him.

“Hi Sir!” I smiled but my heart was super pounding inside, haha.

“I was just wondering what are you guys doing here?..” asked the Triple-H uncle.

“Who are you?” He added..looking so curious..

“We are tourist sir, we were actually heading to Switzerland but we decided to stop by for a while to take some photos with these beautiful Canola” I answered.

“You’re a tourist? I can’t seemed to believe you.. Well in that case, where are you from?” He asked again

On that moment I was like “Oh no, how come he didn’t believe we’re tourists”, but I didn’t say it out loud of course haha.

I was about to answer his question but then he added “If you’re a tourist, why are you guys coming here?” This time he seemed super curious.

As the Q & A session goes between me and that Triple-H uncle, all my other friends suddenly came to join us.

“We saw this beautiful view of these wonderful Canola. So we decided to shoot some photos here..” I replied to him.

“We are from Malaysia..” I added “ Malaysia which is on top of Singapore but below Thailand..” (trying to explain to the Triple-H uncle where Malaysia really is.)

“I still don’t believe you..If you all are tourists and you’re from Asia, that means all of you are very rich..” He replied with a serious looking face.

His words made us speechless.

“I have been working for years but I have never got enough money to go for a holiday abroad..” he started to tell us his story. As the chatting session goes, we finally knew about his origin. Well, the Triple-H uncle was actually an Arabic and he came from Iraq. He was a Christian Iraq. He had moved and lived here in Germany for years since Iraq was always being attacked once upon a time.

“I once worked in Iran, Algeria and now, Germany..” he told us about his working experiences.

“Well it seemed that you had also went to many countries before..” we replied

“Yes, but only for matters regarding my works..” he explained..

We laugh and continue chatting as it become more interesting then.

As to sum up the whole thing, he then believed that we were tourists. He was just curious about what we were up to in his front yard because as for him, there was nothing interesting about the Canola field which was way different from us as it was our first time ever seeing such a wonderful view of the Canola.

Moreover, he was worried if we ate the apples which fall from the trees because the apples were poisonous. In the end of our conversation, he wished us happy holiday. We even took pictures with him.

After that, we continue enjoying ourselves in those bunches of Canola. Now, there’s nothing to worry about no more whether to jump or run or rolled into those Canola.

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