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Fisherman Warriors

Fisherman Warriors. Ancient fishermen, in Guilin. It reminds me to a classical kung fu movie.

Aurora in Lapland
Wild Puffin in Iceland
Fisherman in action

Fisherman in action. Norwegian fisherman preparing the fish caught from Arctic Ocean.

Semporna, Sabah

A bajau kids in a boat facing at the sky and covering the sunshine glare by his hand

Sailing to the heaven

Sailing to the heaven. On the boat to one of the hidden gems in Europe

Towards the light

Horse carriage went out the tunnel into the brighter area.

Horses at Viking Village
Puffin & Midnightsun
Come to me

Come to me. The horse drawn carriage is heading for me

Good To See, Good To Hear

Good to see good to hear. A moment in a classical orchestra in Vienna, Austria.

Kuala Lumpur Black & White

KLCC View from KL Tower in black and white.

Sheep are going to breakfast.

A group of sheep in the morning.

Semporna, Sabah

The dawn scene in Semporna, Sabah.

Enjoy the food

People enjoying their event at a wedding event in Schwangau, Germany.

Gusungan Island, Semporna Sabah

Bajau gypsy tribe holding a Malaysian flag in an island in Semporna, Sabah.

Semporna, Sabah

A Bajau boy, jumping out of the boat reaching to Gusungan Island

Semporna, Sabah

A beautiful milky way shot in Semporna Island

Guilin, China

A traditional fisherman in Guilin, China

Guilin, China

A farmer captured in Guilin, China

Guilin, China

An old man sit in his house in Guilin, China.

Guilin, China

A fisherman during sunset in Guilin, China

Work Hard Horses

A pair of horses on duty

Through The Canal

A classic view in Venice, Italy.

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