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Photocamp 9 India: First Day in Old Delhi

Photo camp 9 India: First Day in Old Delhi Street

On that one fine morning, it was my first time ever being in the midst of the busy road in Old Delhi, and that made me felt super excited. The environment was way different from all the places I’ve ever been before which made me so excited to capture beautiful pictures as many as possible.

As I was enjoying seeing the view to be captured by my camera, all of a sudden I saw a group of people who seemed to sit in front of a store as if they are waiting for something. They also looked like a bunch of offenders as some of them were squatting down. In my heart, I was wondering, what are they actually up to?

I was suddenly greeted by the seller of the store. “Sir would you like to buy for charity?” , he said to me while his hands were pointing towards those bunch of people who sits in front of his store. I finally got the answer to all the questions that linger in my head. They were actually the ones who are in need.

There were a few food stalls along the road and as far as I observed, it seemed that there were groups of people sitting in front of each and every food stalls as if they are waiting for something and not doing anything. It’s like they have no idea what’s going to happen in their life and just keep sitting there waiting for nothing.

I just realized that they were actually homeless people or maybe nomads which hopes if anyone was willing to do some charity for them and give them something to eat.

One of our trip participant donates an amount of 2 500 rupee which is enough to buy foods for the homeless people. As the foods were ready, they all queued up, taking turns to take their foods one by one. Looking at them reminds me of high school kids lining up in the canteen to buy foods.

Before that, at about 4.30 a.m early in the morning, when it was still dark, we started our journey from the hotel to Jama’ Masjid. Along the journey, we saw so many people lying down in front of most of the shop lots. They were all the homeless people which had no where else to go. They have no shelter and only live by the sidewalk or shop lots. That’s the only place where they can at least sleep and shelter themselves.

It seems that trips to places like this made us realized how lucky we are and made us more thankful to God for all the things that He grant in our life.

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