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About Us

Here is a little bit story about us



I believe, Earth without art is Eh.

Before we go detail in a little story about me, here is my highlight points of my story:

  • In 2006, Graduated in Electrical Engineering in 2006 from UTM Skudai, Johor Bahru.

  • In 2007, started working as a Broadcast Engineer at a satellite TV company for 12 years

  • In 2011, my first Travel Experience to European Countries.

  • In 2014, learn Basic Photography & Advance Skills.

  • In 2015, my photos purchased by Nikon Asia and published in Nikon website.

  • In Dec 2016, I joined a Travel Agency as a Travel Planner & Travel Photographer.

  • From 2017-2020 gained experience to lead many trips and hundreds of participants of traveller.

  • In 2021, started up my own Travel Photography Company.

Born in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia in 1983 and was growing up in Benut, Pontian, Johor. Now live in Kuala Lumpur since 2007 when I built a career as a Broadcast Engineer by profession. However, I do like arts very much since my childhood time.


I reckon myself as a Right-Brain person (love arts and creativity works), however I was growing up in a Left-Brain environment (study and work in technical & engineering system). Continued my study in Technic School in Batu Pahat for upper level of secondary School on Civil Engineering course.

Then, I pursuit my study to Kolej Mara Kulim, Kedah in matriculation before qualified to University Technology of Malaysia in Skudai, Johor Bahru on Degree in Engineering (Hons) Electric & Electronic major in Telecommunication.

When I was a young boy, I always represented my school for an arts and drawing competition. I participated in many drawing and colouring competition in some magazines. There were many times also I could see my drawing featured in some magazines and named as prize winners or some consolation prize winners. I was dreaming about to succeed in arts industry. However, my parents wanted me to pursuit my study in science and engineering, then I had to put aside all my interest to obey all their wishes. Such a good boy I am right? Hehe.


My interest in arts is still alive in my heart. Photography and art is just a hobby which I had left long time ago. One more thing that I remember when I was a young boy, I always amazed how beautiful the picture view that I could see from a landscape images shown on a calendar that hang over at the wall in my parent house. I set a dream that someday I would like to take a photo as beautiful as those picture that I saw.


In 2011, with a basic knowledge of operating a camera, I went to a Cameron Highland, just to take some photos as I remember that I saw from that calendar picture. When I checked all photos taken from the computer, I was very disappointed. It does not even close to the picture that I could imagine.


From that moment, I started looking for a photography class to learn how to handle all the unknown button and function in a camera. Then in May 2014, I joined for Basic Manual DSLR Classes event that had been held in Malacca.

Travelling is my pleasure and I love to do it at least once or twice in a year. It's refreshing to go to a new place and having a new adventure experience and going out of our daily routine in life.

In Sep 2014, I started to join a travelling trip where the first ever photography trip was to Guilin, China. The trip was together with a knowledge guided by some big person in Photography Industry. They were Shamshahrin Shamsudin, Syibli Fakih & Cikgu Ain.


A few months later, I was contacted by Nikon Asia where they were interested to purchased my photos that taken during my Guilin Trip. I was very excited. It never crossed in my mind that I could make money from my photography hobby. Since then, it trigger my passion higher and I started to be a little bit serious in photography. 


Then, I can see a lot of enjoyment in photography when I got to know many more variety in genre available in photography such as portraiture, landscape, human interest, street photography and travel photography.


With a combination of these two passion in photography and travel, I created this website gallery with blog and I hope to share something useful to others about a journey through my lens.


Since then, I joined more classes in photography, to explore more about photography sector available in the market. I found that I am interested more in Travel, Human Interest, Landscape & Street Photography.

I was also expanding my knowledge by joining some course for videography and some production works. It really useful for me to add more value in my creativity artworks.

In Dec 2016, I was invited as a Captain for a travel agency Rarecation Travel. I was experiencing some responsibilities to create and design travel routes to many places around the world. 

In 2021, I started up my own Travel Photography Company Lensa Kembara Artworks Adventure Sdn Bhd, to fulfil my dream to take people to travel and creating my artworks around the world.

I do freelance Travel Photographer, Travel Planner, Tour Leader, & Videographer around the world. Tell me where you want your photo to be taken at, I will make a dream picture of your vacation become a reality.

I do believe, I am a Right-Brain personality of person, but was developed in a Left-Brain environment.

Captain Hafiz,

It's my nick name, when I'm on photography duty.

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